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mortgage loan check list

most recent mortgage statement or coupon  

1 month most recent pay stubs  

last 2 years worth of W2’s  

last 2 years federal tax rtns filed

insurance declarations page 

or insurance quote if purchase  

2 months most recent bank statements (all pages)

Copy of front of drivers license

copy of green card (front & back) 

copy of social security card   

phone # to human resources department  

If divorced:  Copy of divorce decree

If self employed:  Copy of business license

If you own an investment property:  

copy of rental agreement  

If you own a condo or are purchasing a condo:  Name of complex, name of property management company and phone number

If you are purchasing property:  Escrow company name and phone number  Name and phone number of real estate agent


not your typical broker

There's nothing typical about me. I won't make you work with my assistant or my processor. You'll work with me and me only. 

I'm frequently in the gym lifting heavy weights. I believe in a strong body and a strong mind.

I'm not only a loan broker; I work with other brokers to help them grow. I believe we should all work together and help each other out.

I'll ask you about your weekend and what you're having for dinner. I want to get to know the people I work with.

I have a life beyond work. I practice yoga, write, hike and love re-creating recipies to make them healthy. Making time doing the things you love, makes you more lovable.


Nina Krosch - your loan broker

Thank you for choosing me as your loan consultant. My goal is to make a complex transaction go as smoothly and quickly as possible.      

I can get the same low rates as everyone else. I can even beat the interest rates that big loan institutions offer! Brokerages, like mine, can obtain lower interest rates for consumers since this allows the lenders to capture more of the market.     

Need a loan for a primary residence, second home or an investment property in California? I can get a loan to suit your specific needs. Want a super low rate with minimal fees, no fees, cash out, rate and term, fixed, adjustable – you tell me what you want. If there is a loan program that you desire, I’ll get it for you.     

It’s your money and your loan. After I do a complete analysis, based on your criteria, I’ll give you a couple of quotes and loan options to choose from. Some loan programs are confusing, but I’m here to make it understandable so you can make an educated financial decision.        

I’m professional. Your information is confidential. Your calls are important and will be returned right away.

Too busy to meet with me? Everything can be accomplished through technology. I can even e-mail you the disclosures, which you can scan back.  

I’m experienced. I’ve originated loans for over 14 years. I have a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and am a mortgage broker. In addition, I train other loan officers.  

I’m competitive. Many brokers charge you too much. I don't because my business is strictly referral-based. 

     I’m looking forward to working with you.   Please contact me with any questions, or to set up a time to meet, so I can get you what you want.

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4617 Ruffner St, San Diego, California 92111, United States


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Loan Types Offered

I provide any type of home loan you need, from a purchase loan, cash-out refinance, FHA, VA, fixed, adjustable, and even investment loans. My clients are important and receive personalized service. I care about people’s well-being, our homes, and our environment, which is why everything is confidential and secure, and I use the best technology to save valuable resources.


Thanks for doing such a great job! We appreciated all your hard work on getting us the refinancing. RD  

I would like to give special thanks to Nina for all her efforts. This was not the easiest loan to process. CS     

Was very impressed with Nina. She was very professional and made me feel secure in refinancing my home. MS     

Nina helped us through the entire process of refinancing our mortgage.  She was very organized and provided detailed answers for all questions that we had before, during and after the refinancing process.  We closed on our loan on time and with no surprises.  I would highly recommend Nina to anyone. CB  

Nina is an extremely reliable and hardworking individual who always follows through on what she starts. She refinanced our mortgage and performed most professionally and with admirable patience answered all our questions. We would recommend her highly to anyone who needs this type of service. Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dosik  

I have worked with Nina for years and I can tell you she is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Jenn Kay, Travel Agent     

I have known Nina Krosch for many years and can honestly say that she is dependable, trustworthy and extremely competent. Since she values her relationship with her clients, she listens to their needs and researches to find the best opportunities for them. She respects the confidentiality of all her clients, which is highly important. I know you will be pleased to have Nina as your loan officer. Please give her a call without delay.  P. Sherwood, El Cajon, CA     

Thanks for all your help on RESPA disclosures. Your encouragement stopped me from giving up when things were tough. I’m now a senior loan officer with a group of junior loan officers under me. You’re an excellent teacher and a good friend. Jim Morgan, Sr. Loan Officer

Great news for home buyers

We can now provide 3% and 1% down purchase loan programs to those with good credit

Loan Myths vs. Facts

Anyone can be a loan officer - myth     

There is some truth to this! Some mortgage brokers hire anyone as a loan officer who appears motivated, regardless of experience, knowledge about the industry, or whether or not they have a license. In California, loan officers are required to be licensed in order to legally quote rates and terms, but that doesn’t mean everyone is following the law. Do you want to work with someone who is doing business illegally or can’t give you a rate quote or discuss loan programs? Ask how long they have been in the business and to see their license.     

Credit Scores are not affected if a lender or a mortgage institution pulls a credit report - myth     

Kevin from Advantage Credit in customer service told me: every time there is a credit inquiry, a person’s score drops from 3 to 10 points. Don’t let everyone pull your credit!     

It’s a loan officer’s fault if the loan does not close in time and the lock expires      

There are numerous factors as to why loans don't close by the lock expiration date, but let's backtrack on how the rate is locked. The loan officer locks your interest rate by faxing over a lock form or by filling out a form on-line for a specified period of time. The loan officer has to determine when s/he believes the loan will close. A 30 day lock is typical, but some big lenders are so busy they admit it will take at least 45 days. Usually, the longer the lock, the higher the rate. You can lose the rate quoted if your loan does not fund and close in time. Your loan officer can delay closing if s/he does not follow up and gather information in a timely matter, but sometimes it’s the borrower’s fault they’ve lost their lock. If you are asked for information, send it over that same day, the next morning at the latest. Losing one day can mean the difference of a rate that was 6%, and is now 7%.      

Sometimes the appraiser holds up the loan. Appraisers, who are inundated with work, sometimes take two to three weeks just to come out to the property. Add another week to complete the appraisal and you’ve lost three to four weeks. It’s highly unlikely a loan will close in 30 days if appraisers take several weeks, but an appraiser is just one link in the chain. There are many people involved in the loan process: loan officers, lender representatives, assistants, processors, underwriters, appraisers, title and escrow officers, insurance reps…unfortunately, one individual who doesn’t hold themselves to task or who slacks off can cause the whole transaction to slither down the drain. So before you place the blame, ask!      

All loan officers lie to make a sale - myth     “

My loan officer said my rate was 7%, but at signing it went up to 8.5%. He lied to me!” Not all loan officers lie. Even if a loan officer locks your rate, you are not guaranteed that rate. Here are some reasons why: the appraisal came in at a lower value, the lender’s rep misquoted the rate, the borrower’s situation doesn’t fit the lender’s guidelines, the credit score dropped, the underwriter calculated the income differently, or a late payment later appeared on a credit report. The interest rate the loan officer quotes is an estimate, that’s why the initial disclosures are good faith estimates.      

Where a loan officer works is inconsequential - myth     What brokerage the loan officer works for is important. A new brokerage many not have enough lenders on their approved broker list to give clients the best rates or options. New businesses have a higher chance of failing and have a tendency to be disorganized in the beginning. Also, visit the loan officer. Is it a fly-by-night organization? Is the loan officer’s office messy? If it takes a while for the loan officer to find your file, beware.     

Here’s some good news. You can improve your chances of finding a good loan officer. Meet them. Is the loan officer friendly? Do your personalities collide or mesh? Check to see if the loan officer has a clean and organized office with a computer. Get a fee estimate. The loan officer can give you an approximation of what your fees will be, but they may not be able to quote rates the minute you call since they need to do a full analysis and shop your loan to give you a true picture. Fees range from broker to broker so find out what they are. Visit their office. Make sure the office is set up and won’t disappear in a month. Look around to see if they have the latest technology. You don’t want to be stuck on eternal hold or have to leave a condensed message with a receptionist because the company doesn’t have voicemail. Trust your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable, go elsewhere. Ask. Ask the loan officer if he owns property. If a loan officer can’t qualify to get a mortgage, how can he qualify to get you one?